Ellen Roseman

Money 201: More Personal Finance Advice for Every Canadian

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Money 201 is the second installment of a basic course in financial literacy for Canadians. A follow-up to the best-selling Money 101, this book offers more street-smart advice from Canada's most trusted personal finance writer. There's always something new to learn when it comes to your finances, and Ellen Roseman offers easy-to-understand advice on a wide range of topics.

You'll learn how to:

· Cut housing and transportation costs 
· Comparison shop for car insurance 
· Find the lowest-cost banking package for your needs 
· Fight back when a financial institution does you wrong 
· Invest in good or bad times 
· Start your own business 
· Save for retirement in and out of an RRSP, and much more. 

The tough test of dealing with everyday finances is one you can't afford to flunk. Let Money 201 be your own personal tutor on all the financial basics you need to save, spend, borrow, and invest money wisely.