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ellen roseman
Ellen Roseman is a journalist who sticks up for ordinary Canadians. She’s been advocating for consumer rights for the past 35 years.

When you hear about consumer issues in Canada, you can’t avoid finding references to Ellen Roseman.
She’s become a brand name for activism and a champion at helping consumers fight back against injustices. People praise her direct, down to earth and common sense writing style.

Ellen’s personal finance and consumer columns appear in the Toronto Star’s business section on Wednesday, Saturday and Monday.

She was the Star’s business editor for two years (1997-1998). Before that, she was with the Globe and Mail as a columnist and associate managing editor of the Report on Business.

Her books, Money 101: Every Canadian’s Guide to Personal Finance, and Money 201: More Personal Finance Advice for Every Canadian, are an easy-to-understand introduction to personal finance for those of us who are short of time and money.

Her latest book, published in December 2012, is: Fight Back: 81 Ways to Help You Save Money and Protect Yourself from Corporate Trickery.

Articles By Ellen Roseman
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